In 2007 Sanne started out as a scenic artist, working mostly for bigger companies. During these times she worked a lot on all different types of projects, ranging from hospitality interiors to television shows. 

In 2015 she started flying solo in her own company, named Insane Productions.

Under this name she has specialised herself in the very decorative techniques used to decorate escape rooms and high end hospitality finishes.

Her love for the various materials used has also led her towards making abstract artworks  ( see abstract on this site )

Besides this she started to focus on painting backdrops in her own paint studio near Amsterdam. Seeing these pieces as big abstract artworks, balancing textures and colours, this is one of her favourite work fields.

IMG_3683 2.jpg

Sanne Terweij. Owner of the Handmade Backdrop Shop

& Insane Productions    Photo by Jurgen van Vliet