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Choosing and communicating the right colours

Like said before, we mostly work taking commissions. This way we can make a drop exactly according your wishes.

You can browse our shop and texture gallery for inspiration, or find a good example somewhere else online. 

When in doubt, do contact us for advice.

Custom orders usually take about a week to be ready for shipping, but faster service can mostly be provided upon request.

If you want a grey tones drop, you can communicate the desired lightness by using the NCS colour system. The example is shown here, in case you do not own a NCS color chart.

Please note that colours on screen are alway different then on the official chart, since every screen shows the colours differently. That being said, it is a good starting point using this guide.

NCS Lightness scale.jpg

If you want to communicate the right colour scheme, you can use the NCS code that fits your needs.


NCS – Natural Colour System® is a scientifically based colour system that allows for accurate cross-industrial colour communication.  

Since NCS is based on how we perceive colour visually, the system allows you to describe colour on all imaginable surface. This has made the colour system a global standard for definition, quality assurance and communication of colour. All surface colours can be described with an NCS Notation.

Each colour has a unique NCS notation to describe how the colour relates to the four basic colours – yellow, red, blue, and green, and how close they are to black and white – as well as their saturation / chromaticness.

The NCS code describes this information in a very intuitive way. For detailed info

The colours on the backdrops will always be mixed, and therefor will be different in the end result,  but using these codes are a really good starting point. 

It makes your wishes way more clear then just saying; beige, or blue...

If you want you can take a look in the NCS atlas underneath, and choose your base colour.

But don't worry, if you just have a photo of something you like, thats perfectly fine too.

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You can also choose between:

Neutral Grey  --  ( as shown above )

Warm Grey     --  ( with a hint of yellow and/or green )

Cool Grey        -- ( with a hint of blue )

NCS Notation