Prizes and Sizes

These are the guides for the Prizes and Sizes of most backdrops.

Special editions can cost extra due to extra material costs and / or manufacturing  hours.  Prizes in store are leading.

Every size is possible, so for slightly different or bigger sizes; don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that all sizes are approximate, due to the fabric moving when wet sizes can vary a bit.

Even though the backdrops are painted with high quality paints onto natural canvas/cotton, the standard kind is officially non flame retardant.

If you need your ( custom ) drop to have a flame retardant certificate, you can order the flame retardant option. 

All orders in the webshop are non refundable and non returnable, except when explicitly arranged via

e-mail before ordering.

If in doubt which size or style to order please contact us before ordering. 

All items will be delivered with DHL / FEDex , or can be collected at the paint studio close to Amsterdam - on appointment only.

You can choose shipping or collect on checkout.

With certificate of flame retarding fabric treatment 


1,20 x 1,50

€210,- ex

€254,- incl VAT


2,60 x 3,00

€495,- ex

€599,-  incl VAT


1,60 x 2,50

€250,- ex

€302,50 incl VAT

Extra Large

2,80 x 4,00

€655,- ex

€792,50 incl VAT


1,90 x 2,80

€295,- ex

€357,-  incl VAT

Currently only shipping up to size M , size L and XL only on special request and quote.

Send an email for possibilities